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Are you almost giving up your quest for a phone contract because of the number of times that youíve been declined? Have you reached your tipping point and feel like pulling out your hair because of the constant rejections. Well, if thatís the case, you need to cast your doubts aside as we at Goldens Phones have got you covered. We offer attractive mobile phone deals specifically meant for UK citizens whose credit score is wanting. Probably you are out there with a history of defaults or arrears and wondering whether you qualify for our mobile phone contracts. Well, our bad credit mobile phones are specifically for those with a low credit rating.

They are for those who have applied without success for a mobile phone contract because they defaulted on their bills in the past for one reason or another. A mobile phone has certainly transformed from a simple gadget that facilitated communication years back. The technological breakthroughs have seen a mobile phone in todayís age do things that were unfathomable back in the day when mobile phones first hit the market. People can now shop online using their mobile phones, communicate with people via video from any part of the globe, send and reply to work emails, locate places using Google maps, take and record videos, and play video games just to mention but a few.

In light of the above, there is no denying that a mobile phone is key in our day to day lives. However, while a mobile phone is a basic asset in our contemporary society, not everybody can afford to pay for one upfront. Itís just too much to part with the insane amounts of money that flagship phones such as latest released iPhone 7 or Samsung Galaxy S7 are sold at. As such, a mobile phone contract makes it possible for individuals to own the latest high-end phones or whatever handset of their choice and pay for it in instalments for a predetermined period of time.

What makes us the ultimate provider of choice for thousands of citizens across the UK is that we ascribe and follow the principle of total quality management. We believe that our success over the years is informed by our commitment to our customers, our commitment to continuous improvement, excellent customer service, and affordable bad credit mobile phone deals as well as best business practices. Our customer representatives have a strong work ethic and take their time to educate our customers on the benefits as well as risks of applying for bad credit mobile phonesbad credit mobile phones.

We understand that people when backed against the wall tend to make irrational decisions regarding their finances and this is why we endeavour to liaise with industry known partners such as Money advice. A customer deep in debt means lost business for us and this explains why we never take chances with the well-being of our customers. It is not by default that we have been able to scale the ladders over the years and become one of the most trusted bad credit mobile phone providers in the UK.

We understand that for us to succeed, our customers need to be happy. In fact, we do not compromise on the well-being of our customers. Our customer personnel are always available throughout the week to answer any questions, receive feedback and provide solutions to problems that our customers might be experiencing. Above all, we endeavour to approve all the applications we receive for bad credit mobile phones in less than 24 hours provided that a customer furnishes us with everything that we need. Contact us today for a bad credit mobile phone contract and we assure you that you wonít regret your decision.