Goldens Phones

About us

At Goldens Phones, our core objective and number one mission is to ideally help or rather assist as many people as possible within the UK avail a phone contract. This might seem like an ambitious goal considering the bottlenecks put in place by most providers where mobile phone contracts are concerned. However, since we are entirely dealing with bad credit mobile phones, this need not be an issue. We understand that you have fears and that your history of CCJ’s might be keeping you away from experiencing the wonders of technology as it unravels. We are here to tell you that you need to get over your fears and reach out to us as we don’t give a hoot about the status of your credit score.

From inception, we have been tried and tested and we unequivocally say that we have exceeded even our own expectations. We’ve come to the rescue of thousands of UK customers with bad credit who in the past faced rejection after rejection. We’ve put a smile on the face of countless UK citizens with a history of court county judgements in the past. As if that is not enough, we’ve made it possible and easy for individuals with no prior credit history to avail a phone contract with ease. See? We are indeed trendsetters and this explains why UK citizens in their thousands believe in us.

Our solid reputation, world class customer services, attractive bad credit mobile phone deals not to forget best business practices is what puts us in a league of our own. We are, indeed, your bad credit mobile phone provider of choice!