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Must I be a person with bad credit to apply for bad credit mobile phones?

Of course not! There is a misconception out there that bad credit phones are exclusively for individuals with a history of county court judgements (CCJ) or defaults. While the initial idea when they were being unveiled was to target individuals with a less than average credit score, the assumption that it's exclusively for this class of people is fallacious. Anyone can apply for bad credit mobile phones. Itís just that those with a good credit rating prefer to go for ordinary phone contracts and for good reason. Individuals with no recorded credit history also find bad credit mobile phones useful as they help them to build one from scratch.

How do you handle credit checks?

The general belief when it comes to bad credit mobile phones is that providers never bother to carry out credit checks. The truth of the matter is that the law requires for mobile phone providers or even lenders to carry out credit checks prior to availing a loan or a phone contract. The difference when it comes to bad credit mobile phones is that the results of credit checks do not in any way affect the final decision to decline or approve a bad credit mobile phone contract application.

Are there any exceptions to bad credit mobile phones as regards the basic requirements?

There are people out there who believe that mobile phone providers can bend the rules and approve their applications considering the fact that they are a month or 2 weeks away from being 18 years of age. However, this is not the case and can never happen. The law stipulates that a minor cannot enter into a contract and any engagements with such a person are null and void. That said, there are no exceptions. You must meet all the basic requirements before you can be considered for a phone contract.

Do I need to part with a small amount of money as a deposit prior to getting approved for a bad credit mobile phone?

Ordinarily, itís not a requirement to pay a security deposit before you can be considered for a bad credit mobile phone contract. This only comes up in special circumstances such as when a customer wants the latest release in the market such as an iPhone 7. Such a phone is very expensive and therefore poses great risks to us in the event that a person fails to meet their obligations. As such, to be safe or rather to mitigate or reduce the risks, we ask our customers to part with a small sum of money upfront as security.

Will my security deposit be refunded after my contract ends?

Yes. As is the case with any other type of security, we simply hold your money in lien and refund it back to you at the expiry of your contract with us. However, there is a caveat. Your account with us needs to be in good standing. This simply means that you need not have any outstanding arrears at the time your contract comes to an end.

Can I get a bad credit mobile phone for a period of 12 months?

While we wish we could provide you for a period of 12 months, we are sorry to inform you that we canít. All out bad credit mobile phones have a lock in period of 18 months. What this means is that the earliest you can be discharged from your contract is after 18 months. However, if it makes any difference, the longer the duration of your contract, the smaller your monthly obligations, and vice versa.